Ventilation can reduce the risk of virus infection

Increasing ventilation is the most important step in any effort to minimise the risk of infection. Professional air purification solutions from Halton enable you to act responsibly and reduce the risk. Halton provides solutions for existing and new premises.

As an employer, you can directly reduce the potential risk of infection at the workplace by improving ventilation in your premises. Higher air exchange rates considerably dilute the virus concentration in indoor air during occupancy. In practice, this means using higher air volumes than those indicated in the minimum airflow rate requirements in building codes.

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Ways to improve ventilation in buildings:

  1. Increasing ventilation
  2. Using air purifiers to clean indoor air locally
  3. Reviewing the distribution of airflows and performing a risk analysis in the premises
  4. Airing the premises before each new event
  5. Regularly inspecting the correct operation of ventilation machines

We’d be delighted to provide further information and analyse your situation

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A 100% Finnish innovation for the purification of indoor air

The Halton VCR air purification unit is designed for cleaning the indoor air in temporary health care facilities. As a professional-level device, it is highly suitable for the efficient purification of air in offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and other similar indoor spaces.

Halton VCR can be used to continuously maintain a room’s cleanliness, or to quickly clean the air in a room during a break in use. Rapid purification is necessary, particularly in spaces where ventilation cannot be sufficiently boosted. The product offers a fast and efficient solution to ensure safe return to the premises.

When used at maximum capacity, Halton VCR dilutes the potential virus concentration in indoor air up to 10 times faster than basic ventilation. Using the device in a cafe (with an area of 100 m2), for instance, will lower the risk of infection by 45%.

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Why choose Halton?

Halton is a leading company in the indoor climate business, with significant experience in the development of safe and healthy indoor air solutions that promote well-being. As a Finnish family-owned company, Halton’s products are designed and, to a large extent, manufactured in Finland.

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